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April 2023: Energy Forecast

Here we are, once again consulting the stars to better understand what's coming up for us in the month ahead.

Perhaps I'll get some flack for this, but I'm a firm believer that Astrology is what you make of it. Yes, the planets are moving on predictable trajectories and, yes, they each have a unique story they are telling.

But, what about Free Will? Surely, we have a say in this cosmic conversation.

As the Sun moves through Aries and Taurus this month, we will be feeling that call more deeply. And, just a heads up, our dear friend Mercury is joining the conversation as it heads retrograde through Taurus and Aries toward the end of the month.

So, this month, here's what I think the cosmos are asking us to focus on:

  1. Slow down to weigh your options. With the Full Moon in Libra, Venus entering Gemini, Mercury Retrograde beginning, AND the start of eclipse season; this month is a time of discernment. The Sun in Aries might get a little frustrated with this, but I promise, it's better to not jump right in without at least making sure there's a net below you. Also, let's be honest, there was A LOT that happened in March. Use this month to reflect and integrate the lessons you learned last month.

Get your calendar out! I'm going to share some notes about some of the biggest transits this month (note, this is not everything that's happening, just some highlights).

Here's what you can expect:

April 6 - Full Moon in Libra

Full Moons are a time of release. With the moon in Libra, it may be time to let go of relationships (of any kind -- not just romantic!) that are no longer serving you. In it's shadow, Libra is a people-pleaser; a personality trait that is often conditioned into us -- especially those of us that socialize as women.

Are there relationships in your life that feel one-sided? Are you sacrificing your own happiness at the expense of another?

This full moon in Libra is inviting us to find more balance in the ways that we hold space, not only for others but, most importantly, for ourselves.

April 7-9 - Mercury Sextile Mars

Mercury is getting a boost of energy from the planet of action and aggression this weekend. Remember when Mercury was in Aries just a few short weeks ago? You may feel like you are integrating lessons you learned during that period this weekend.

Specifically, how can you speak your truth in a way that not only respects those you are in conversation with, but also honors your own convictions? All conversations are relational, by nature. Perhaps the more important lesson -- beyond speaking your truth -- is the ability to hold space for both speaking your truth AND holding space for the truths of others.

April 11 - Sun Conjunct Jupiter

Today the Sun is Conjunct Jupiter in Aries. As the two largest influences in Astrology, today is a VERY auspicious day. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, magnifying anything it touches. The Sun represents our confidence, creativity and sense of self.

Typically (although, you'll need to consult your natal chart!) today would be an excellent day to start something new, as this conjunction is considered to be very lucky.

April 20 - New Moon in Aries (Solar Eclipse), Sun enters Taurus

It's our second New Moon in Aries of the month, and the first of eclipse season. Lucky for us, we were already given this energy once this season. Eclipses are typically a time for quiet introspection, particularly during the New Moon. Today is no different, but I will say there may be an extra opportunity to really integrate the themes of Aries during this eclipse ... right before the Sun moves into Taurus.

Later today, the Sun moves into the second sign of the zodiac: Taurus. The quick, impulsive energy of Aries is now ready for more slow and quiet integration. I often think of this transitional time as the perfect metaphor for what's happening in nature (although, perhaps backwards).

From an Ayurvedic perspective, we are in between Kapha and Pitta season at the moment. There's almost a moment of suspension between the slowness of Kapha (Taurus) and the laser-focused energy of Pitta (Aries).

April 21 - Mercury Retrograde in Taurus begins

Today, Mercury enters Gatorade again. 🫥 *waa waa*

In all seriousness, although there is definitely a lot to complain about during this season, it's important to remember that retrograde periods are simply a time to focus our energy inwards.

Taurus represents themes of 1:1 relationships, values and finances. During this Mercury retrograde period, we are being given the opportunity to better understand how we communicate in these areas of life.


  • What might we be able to better achieve when we pause before forcing our values on others?

  • How can we shift our mindset to have a better, more rewarding relationship with our finances?

Overall, this month, there is a sense of major shifts and taking time for integration. Change is in the air and it's important that we continue to ground ourselves in order to allow all of the lessons to soak in.

Interested in learning how all of this energy will impact YOU this month? Schedule a 1:1 Astrology Reading with me. To celebrate my 37th birthday, I'm offering $37 off any session booked during the month of April with the code ARIES37. You can find the link to sign up here.
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