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let's make magic together 💫

Personalized coaching for visionary women ready to stop chasing the elusive work-life balance and start embodying it.


For far too long we've been fed the narrative that owning a business has to feel like you're running a marathon everyday... and that burnout is inevitable.

I'm not saying that owning a business isn't hard. It's hard as hell.

The decision fatigue and competing responsibilities could knock even a heavy-weight champ out.

What I *AM* saying, however, is that you have the capacity to build a business that gives you the space to be creative, excited and ... gasp!... even carefree.

Owning a business doesn't have to feel *SO* hard all the time.

Finding the right community, a mentor to cheer you on, and the tools to keep your nervous system regulated is just part of the secret sauce it takes to feel like you're keeping your head above water each day.

Keep reading 👀 we're just getting started...


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Calling All Visionaries!

With the support of a coach (hi, that's me!), you can take immediate, meaningful action that will lead you in the direction you want to go. Sometimes all you need is a little boost to get started. 🚀

Self-paced Masterclasses

workshops for the modern, entrepreneurial mystic 

Energetics coaching

short- and long-term mentorship for self- confidence, compassion and insight.

business coaching

short- and long-term business coaching for soulpreneurs


Featured Service

1:1 Business Coaching

In my 1:1 Business Coaching Container, I'm your biggest fan, closest biz confidante, and personal sounding board. I'll help you actualize your dreams by filling in knowledge gaps, talking through implementation, and fixing mindset leaks.


You'll leave our time together with:

The clarity you need to take your dreams and goals from "inside your head" to "out into the world".

The confidence to know how to prioritize your work while respecting your energy + boundaries.

The foundational knowledge you need to get "unstuck" when I'm not there to guide you.

on-demand Masterclasses

Balance & Boundaries

in your business

In this 60-minute workshop, I share the fundamental aspects of Astrology and Ayurveda — two ancient and potent energetic systems that have been leveraged by humans all over the world for thousands of years.

build your

perfect workday

In this 90-minute Masterclass I'll show you how to create daily, weekly and monthly plans to align your workdays with what I call micro-energetics so that you can discover what a work/life balance truly means for you.

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LaDara M.
1:1 Business Coaching

I loved that Meaghan provided me with information at a good pace so that I easily understood and was able to really enhance my business.

Nichole Fabbro
Astrology Natal Chart Reading

Meaghan is intuitive, warm and very helpful. She gave a thorough reading and left room for questions and clarification, which she was very great at addressing and giving relatable examples to help me understand.

Curiositea Wellness
Flash Coaching

We hired Meaghan for a consultation and we are seeing growth [on Instagram] after just one session! You should 100% check her out!!

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