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unlock the leader inside you

When's the last time you asked yourself this question?

Picture this: It's been a long day. You just got off your last of 3 client calls and you're simultaneously feeling lit up and drained as hell.

The work you're doing  is exciting you, but there's still something that's missing. Then,  it hits you:

"All this work I'm doing for my clients' businesses  is GREAT, but is this really making me happy?"

It may feel difficult to answer this question, especially  if you're still  in an "employee mindset". The good news  is, the answer  has been written  in the stars since the moment of your birth. It's just a matter of discovering what  it has to say.


calling all visionaries

You're building a business with intention and purpose. You're sick of the "6-figures  in 60 days" language that seems to be WAY too pervasive  in the online space.

You value a slower, more intentional work pace. You want to be able to take that 10am yoga class and then skip over to the coffee shop afterward to do a little work.

You have a curious mind and a dedicated heart. You love to learn new things, enjoy being cooperative in your business pursuits and are open to changes that are for your highest good.




What it's like to work with me

I'm your biggest fan, closest biz confidante, and personal sounding board. I'll  help you actualize your dreams by filling  in knowledge gaps, talking through implementation, and fixing mindset leaks.


You'll walk away from our time together with:

The clarity you need take your dreams from " inside your head" to "out into the world"

The confidence to know how to prioritize your work while respecting your energy + boundaries

The foundational knowledge you need to get "unstuck" when I'm not there to guide you

Zodiac Chart_edited.jpg

LaDara M.
Fine Artist

I loved that Meaghan provided me with information at a good pace so that I easily understood and was able to really enhance my business.

Ana M.
Self-Healing Specialist + Physical Therapist

Meaghan  helped me to create my Wellness Challenge and clarify my ideas to serve my clients even better. She is flexible and fun to work with. I highly recommend her services!

Curiositea Wellness

We hired Meaghan for a consultation and we are seeing growth after just one 90-minute session! You should 100% check her out!!

Interested in learning from me instead?

Visit the Energetics Education Page to learn more about my group programs and masterclasses, most of which are free or low cost!

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