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the venusian society

an online home for spiritual business owners looking for connection and community

The time has come for a more personal, expressive way of showing up as an entrepreneur — one that allows you to deepen your roots, honor your natural energy, and build your connection to the world around you. All through the lens of spiritual and holistic practices. 🌟

what if you found a community where members were

🌕 Incorporating cycle syncing and full moon rituals into their business systems,

🪘 taking a shamanic journey toward the soul of their business,

💃 or using somatic therapies to shake off pre-call jitters?

What if this community focused LESS on teaching you how to build a business and MORE on how to not lose yourself in it?

In the Venusian Society, we take a different approach to business. One that honors your natural cycles, encourages collaboration and connection, and gives you an outlet for your creativity — just for the hell of it.

Hi, I'm meaghan

I've had many different careers over the last 15+ years of my professional life. And, although entrepreneurship is the hardest one I've tackled yet, I'm not willing to sacrifice my time, energy or health for it.

I joined this community in April 2024 in its former iteration as the Creativity Coven by Melissa Keyser.

Watching Melissa unapologetically lead the group from a sense of ease, balance, and nurturance gave me the confidence I needed to become its new Guide when Melissa's life took a new direction.

I'm so glad you're here because I'm a FIRM believer (both philosophically and in practice) that we do not have to abandon our lives in order to have a successful business.

Entrepreneurship is a HOLISTIC practice — and often a spiritual one that causes us to face our biggest fears in order to lead with conviction.

So, gather 'round the fire. Stay a while. We'd love to have you.


why the venusian society?

In Astrology, the archetype of Venus is portrayed as loyal, steadfast, values-driven, and balanced.

In many modern day contexts, Venus has been striped from our consciousness. Hustle, competition and burn out has replaced flow, collaboration and energetic ease.

And, while there is a time a place for everything, the Venusian society was created to help you tap back into your Goddess Instincts.

This archetype is our guide in the Venusian Society — giving us the strength to live out our values, the fortitude to build a life-centric business, and the perspective to keep our feet on the ground when times get tough.

Image by Matteo Panara

join the venusian society

for just $35 a month

want a sneak preview? 👀

Everyone needs support. You owe it to yourself to leverage it to whatever advantage you like. This is your life. And your business. We're here to hold space for that vision.

Here's some of what you can expect from The Venusian Society:


Heart-Lead Workshops

that oscillate between business and life topics to help you find balance between the personal and professional.


Networking calls to foster deeper connections, hold space for one another's journeys, and find focus amidst the chaos.


Seasonal Planning Sessions to support your business and life goals in alignment with the energies of Ayurveda and the Wheel of the Year.

astrology, clouds, ethereal.jpg

The Venusian Society is a space for people who identify as or were socialized as women. For entrepreneurs who are looking for a non-judgmental, supportive group where we do things differently — more holistically and through the lens of spiritual growth. ✨


This group is for you if...

You have an established business in the spiritual or holistic spaces, and find yourself curious about how to better support your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

You love spiritual and holistic practices (think Astrology, Herbalism, Yoga) and want to incorporate those more into your life and business.

You are neurodivergent​ or highly-sensitive and desire a smaller, more intimate community with a warm, flexible environment.


You're seeking genuine connections with other female business owners in the spiritual or holistic industries and want to expand your network.

The Venusian Society is a place where you can show up, just as you are. Whether you're in Year 1 of your business or Year 25, we're all in this together.

No pitching, no hustle, no homework. Take what you want, but always leave it better than you found it.

frequently asked questions

How much does this membership cost?

Currently, The Venusian Society is $35 USD per month.

How do you collect payment?

Membership dues are collected on a monthly recurring basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time by editing your profile in Mighty Networks. For more specific information, you can email me at

When do you hold your events?

I am on East Coast time, so most events will be held between 12pm and 3pm ET Monday-Friday to accomodate as many timezones and dates as possible. Specific meeting times will change each month to be as inclusive of this as possible. For instance, if a Masterclass is at 12pm one month, it may be at 2pm the next. All sessions are recorded.

Are your sessions recorded?

Yes! All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the Mighty Networks group page so that members who cannot make it live can still learn. There is a strict privacy policy in our group, which means recordings will never be shared outside of current membership.

join the venusian society

for just $35 a month

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