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Daily Habits for Productivity: Astrology

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Did you know each day of the week corresponds to a planet in our solar system?

Cosmic energy is all around us. From the tides of the ocean, influenced by the moon, to the way animals instinctually react to eclipses, there are many real-life examples of how the energy of our solar system impacts our own energetic fields every day.

But what does it mean to have your energy influenced by an external force? How is that even possible?

In A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness, scientist Itzhak Bentov posits that the entire universe is shaped like a toroidal sphere. Ancient vedic scholars understood this, in human form, as the alignments of the chakras in our bodies. Essentially, energy is at it's most concentrated at the center of our body - exactly where each of the 7 main chakras are located. From there it radiates out on both sides of the body and then sweeps back in, forming the shape of a doughnut.

Yogic philosophy and science alike recognize that the energy of our bodies can be influenced by the energy of other things around us. Just like I mentioned above, the energy of the moon is scientifically shown to influence the tides and wave formations in the ocean. And what are human bodies made of? Almost completely water.

Ok, so what about planetary energy?

Here's how it shakes out.

*Note: In English (which is more similar to Nordic languages), most of the days don't sound like they correspond but in French (which is a "Roman"tic language), the sounds are uncanny. A story for another day but I'll give you an example: Thursday=Thorsday. Thor is the Norse god of thunder as Jupiter is the Roman god of thunder!

Monday = "Moon"day and is ruled by the energy of the Moon.

Tuesday = "Mars"day (Mardi in French) and is ruled by the energy of Mars.

Wednesday = "Mercury"day (Mercredi in French) and is ruled by the energy of Mercury.

Thursday = "Jupiter"day (Jeudi in French) and is ruled by the energy of Jupiter.

Friday = "Venus"day (Vendredi in French) and is ruled by the energy of Venus.

Saturday = "Saturn"day and is ruled by the energy of Saturn.

Sunday = "Sun"day and is ruled guessed it... the energy of the Sun.

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