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3 Steps to Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Updated: May 15, 2020

So you want to start a blog, but where do you begin? As easy as it may seem, it's important to start with strategy and purpose. Here are 3 easy steps to help you start writing the perfect blog post.

Step 1: Big-Picture “Brain Dump”

Begin with the topic. What is this blog post about? Don't worry about creating a title just yet, just decide on an overall theme. If you have a few different themes already for your business, decide which theme this blog post falls under.

Example: As a marketing business, my themes might be: email, blogs, website, social media, etc. I would choose from one of these topics.

Now, who will most likely read this blog post? This is called your “ideal audience”. Depending on what topic you choose, you'll then decide who your ideal reader is. This might be your ideal customer or it could be someone a little different, or even a more specific subset of your ideal customer.

Example: You decide to write a blog post called 5 Easy Steps to Change Your Own Oil. Develop a story about the person who wants to read this blog. Perhaps it's a young 20-something person who doesn't have a lot of money and is looking for ways to save what they can. This person does not know how to change their own oil, so you'll have to walk them through step-by-step. You might even consider adding pictures of the process for visual learners, or even a step further, a video tutorial to accompany the blog.

Step 2: Outlining Your Blog

Begin with an outline. Begin by thinking about the major topics you'll focus on in this blog post. Write each of those topics down in a list.

Example: If you're writing a blog post about how to wash your hair, your outline will most likely look something like this. 1. Getting your hair wet. 2. Lathering the shampoo. 3. Rinsing your hair. 4. Using conditioner. 5. Final rinse. 6. Drying your hair. Make sense?

Next, brainstorm 5-7 titles. I know, it may seem a little strange to brainstorm so many different titles, but research shows that the more you create, the better and more eye-catching your blog will be. Here are some examples of eye-popping blog titles.


  • "How to…"

  • "5 Steps to…"

  • "Top 10…"

  • "The Best Hacks for..."

  • "Why XYZ Doesn’t Work"

Step 3: Writing Your Blog

Here’s where you can get creative. For each section you have identified, begin fleshing out the content. Be mindful of some blog best-practices like:

  • keep paragraphs short (2-3 sentences)

  • use language that is appropriate for your audience (i.e. don't use scientific language for a blog about Top Celebrity Couples)

  • create one call-to-action (a free download, a demo of your product or service, etc.)

Overall, writing a blog post doesn't have to be hard but it's important to be strategic about how you approach it, especially in the beginning. Looking for a great template to help you get started? Check out my Blog "Brain Dump" Worksheet. Happy writing, friends!


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