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Navigating February’s Astrological Transits: 3 Pluto Conjunctions and North Node conjunct Chiron

As we embrace the second month of the year, the sky is arranging in a number of ways that promise to influence our lives profoundly (as it would be any different?)

In February, the planets are aligning to guide us through a series of transits that will shape our energy, emotions, and experiences. Let's explore the key transits happening in the month of February, and how they will impact you:

February 5: Mercury Conjunct Pluto 

The month kicks off with the planet of communication and comprehension, Mercury, entering the innovative and forward-thinking sign of Aquarius. Prepare for a surge of intellectual energy and a desire to engage in unconventional conversations. Aquarius' influence encourages us to embrace new ideas, connect with like-minded individuals, and think outside the box.

Just as it enters Aquarius, Mercury makes a conjunction to Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation. During this time, be mindful of your words. When Mercury and Pluto conjoin in the sky, we have a tendency to have a quick tongue and a short fuse. Words can really sting, so today, be mindful of how you’re speaking – especially if you feel triggered by something.

February 9: New Moon in Aquarius 

The Moon graces us with its presence in Aquarius as the Snow Moon, amplifying the Aquarian energy that Mercury has initiated. This celestial transit marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, offering us a blank canvas to set intentions related to innovation, humanitarian efforts, and community involvement. Embrace the spirit of change and open-mindedness during this New Moon.

February 13: Mars conjunct Pluto

Dynamic and assertive Mars joins the Aquarian party, infusing our actions with a desire to break free from limitations. Mars in Aquarius encourages us to pursue our goals with a humanitarian perspective, fostering collaboration and collective action. It's a time to channel our energy into progressive pursuits and social causes.

Just like Mercury a week earlier, Mars will be facing off with Pluto today. Mars is the planet most associated with war and aggression. So – basically – if you felt the heat on February 3, you’ll most likely really feel it today. Make sure to take 3 deep breaths before taking any sort of action today.

February 16: Venus conjunct Pluto

The planet of love, beauty and values, Venus, follows Mercury and Mars as it enters Aquarius on February 16, adding a bit of charm and social grace to our interactions. Relationships take on an experimental and open-minded tone during this transit, asking us to embrace diversity and celebrate individuality. This is an opportune time for unconventional relational connections and exploring new facets of self-appreciation.

And, you guessed it, just like Mercury and Mars before it; Venus is conjunct Pluto today. This could signal major shifts in any relationships that are not on solid ground, especially if they feel like they might be holding you back from expressing your truest, wildest self. Keep in mind, any changes that happen during these three transits will ultimately move you toward your highest good – even if it feels overwhelming or uncomfortable at first.

February 18: Sun Enters Pisces 

As the Sun moves into the mystical sign of Pisces, a dreamy and intuitive energy fills the atmosphere. Pisces encourages us to tap into our creativity, connect with our spiritual side, and explore the depths of our emotions. This solar shift invites us to embrace compassion and empathy, fostering a deeper connection with the unseen.

February 19: North Node Conjunct Chiron 

On February 19 a significant alignment occurs as the North Node meets Chiron, symbolizing a transformative opportunity for collective healing. This transit encourages us to confront and heal past wounds, both on an individual and societal level. It's a powerful moment for self-discovery and growth.

February 23: Mercury Enters Pisces 

Mercury says goodbye to Aquarius and dives into the ocean of Pisces on February 23. Communication takes on a more intuitive and empathic tone, allowing for deep insights and spiritual understanding. It's a time to trust your intuition, engage in creative expression, and explore the subtle realms of thought.

February 24: Full Moon in Virgo 

The month concludes with the Full Moon gracing the practical and analytical sign of Virgo. This Full Moon encourages us to find balance between intuition and practicality, highlighting the importance of attention to detail and self-care. It's a favorable time for reflection, organization, and making adjustments to align with our long-term goals.

February 28: Sun, Saturn and Mercury conjunct in Pisces

To round out the month, the planets of communication (Mercury), discipline (Saturn) and self-expression (Sun) meet up in the sky. While not a true conjunction, they are close enough that this energy will be felt by us all.

Pisces, a water sign known for its intuitive and empathetic nature, provides a canvas for these planets to harmonize. The Sun shines a compassionate light on the conjunction, fostering a sense of spiritual awareness and empathy. Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac, adds a touch of discipline and structure, urging us to channel our creative energy with a methodical approach. 

Finally, Mercury enhances the intuitive and compassionate energy of Pisces, encouraging meaningful conversation and the exploration of deeper emotional connections. This alignment invites us all to navigate our inner landscape with sensitivity, practicality, and a commitment to authentic self-expression.

As we navigate the transits of February 2024, these movements invite us to embrace change, innovation, and healing. Each planetary alignment adds a unique flavor to our experiences, guiding us towards personal and collective evolution. The invitation this month is to embark on this journey with an open heart and a willingness to explore what transformations might just lead you toward the actualization of your biggest dreams.

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