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6-7pm EST  |  Investment: $22

Set strategic, actionable goals for your business through the power of Astrology, Ayurveda and Human Design.


Imagine this: At the end of 2023, you feel clear and confident about what you want to accomplish in your business in the New Year. Better yet, you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal that make setting realistic, actionable goals feel easy.



Astrology, Ayurveda and Human Design can teach us how to leverage our own strengths to accomplish just about anything we put our minds to.

By the time this Masterclass ends, you'll have a better understanding of how your own personal energetic signature can support you in creating the life and business of your dreams. It is entirely possible to blend the not-so-fun parts of owning a business with the thrilling concepts of Energetics.

Let me show you how >>


In this 60-minute, interactive Masterclass I'll show you how to understand your own Energetic Signature so that you can start setting goals that feel more in alignment with your workflow, lifestyle and desires.

Imagine feeling…

  • Confident as you head into 2024, knowing how to set goals that you'll actually WANT to achieve

  • Excited to *actually* make progress toward your goals based on micro- and macro-energetic patterns that will support you

  • Supported and understood now that you know how you set and work toward goals the best

If you enjoy learning about the systems of Astrology, Ayurveda or Human Design, this workshop will provide practical tips you can translate into goal-setting behavior far past our time together!

What Will i learn?

The planets and houses in Western Astrology that support actionable goal-setting

How Ayurvedic Time-Blocking™ can support you to get things done strategically and without burning out

How your Human Design Authority and Manifestation Type can help you set the right kinds of goals for your unique blueprint

What will i receive?

Lifetime access to the recorded session

An accompanying workbook you can use during the live Masterclass

Special discounts and early-bird pricing for any future Masterclasses (and a new offer I'll be sharing exclusively with Masterclass attendees!)

Who is this training for?

Visionary women looking to find more ease in their current workday

Entrepreneurs with an interest in learning how to incorporate holistic strategies into their business


Intuitive healers, teachers, mentors, and creators


Hi, I'm Meaghan!

I use she/her pronouns and currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina (Catawba and Sugaree Land).

My spiritual teaching journey began in 2017, when I received my very first astrology birth chart reading.


My mind began to put pieces together than had previously never made sense; I finally felt like I was learning why I was wired the way I was. This reading opened my mind to the possibilities of the Universe for the first time and I began asking deep questions.

In 2018, I began studying Western Astrology -- which lead to a deep desire to formalize my spiritual training.


In 2019, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Victoria Martinez of Chakra Flow University. After an intense 8 weeks of study, my entire life was turned upside-down.

My goal, as an intuitive business coach, is to hold a mirror up to each of my clients and allow them to see themselves for who they really are: a capable, strong, intelligent, and badass human.


Energetic Manifestation in Goal-Setting

Set strategic, actionable goals for your business through the power of Astrology, Ayurveda and Human Design.

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