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free energetics resources

Looking for a guide to help you learn my about why you are the way you are? I've got a resource for that! Check out my Energetics Integration Library, below, for free resources you can download right now to start your integration journey!

Free Workbook

 I see you -- working hard to align your business with your hopes, dreams, and passions. And while most of the time it feels like pure magic, every once in a while you need a little boost of cosmic support. That's where understanding the energy of the stars can *really* come in handy!!


If you've been looking for actionable, easy-to-implement strategies that align your business goals with the natural energies of the cosmos, check out my free guide: Align Your Business Strategies with the Energy of the Cosmos.

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Reflection guide

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The AstroBiz Reflection Guide  is a comprehensive resource for visionary entrepreneurs looking for extra energetic support to start thinking about their business from a different perspective.

12 pages of reflection prompts, journaling questions and thoughtful questions to get you thinking about how your business efforts can be supported by the stars.


Hi, i'm Meaghan!

I use she/her pronouns and currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina (Catawba and Sugaree Land).

My spiritual teaching journey began in 2017, when I received my very first astrology birth chart reading. My mind began to put pieces together than had previously never made sense; I finally felt like I was learning why I was wired the way I was. This reading opened my mind to the possibilities of the Universe for the first time and I began asking deep questions.

In 2018, I began studying Western Astrology -- which lead to a deep desire to formalize my spiritual training.


In 2019, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Victoria Martinez of Chakra Flow University. After an intense 8 weeks of study, my entire life was turned upside-down and I began asking deeper questions and dig into the connections between modern emotional intelligence work and the ancient practices of yoga, Ayurveda, and astrology.

My goal, as an intuitive business coach, is to hold a mirror up to each of my clients and allow them to see themselves for who they really are: a capable, strong, intelligent, and badass human.

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