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1:1 business coaching & consulting


You were brought into this world with a distinctive, powerful purpose and you're ready to step  into  it.

I know you, because I am you. As a soul-centered entrepreneur, it can be difficult to find use in the one-size-fits-all online business world. The "tips and tricks" that might work for some weren't designed with us in mind.

That's why I infuse energetic strategies into my business coaching and consulting services. Because you deserve to find peace, confidence, and balance as a business owner.


I'm willing to bet you resonate DEEPLY with one of these sentences.

Like, *spit out your coffee you've just been seen* AND "Wait, other people feel this way?" resonate.


You've been sitting on a new service for MONTHS (or *gasp* YEARS?!) because you haven't been able to figure out all the nuts and bolts of sharing it with your audience...

You're business is going through a major shift/upgrade and you know you need to build in new support systems to prepare for the coming changes before you burn out...

You feel insecure when you're trying to make sales for your newest offer, when you create a video for Instagram, trying to figure out what in the HECK to write in an email (the list could go on); but you know you need the confidence to talk about your business in order for it to grow...

My point is:


It's not your fault that the "business side" of running a business feels confusing and difficult.

The good news is, the skills that so often feel inaccessible don't have to be. Consider me kind of like your fairy godmother ... except there's no expiration on these glass slippers. 🪄


the Energetic coaching framework™


Together, we identify the solution to the problem that's been plaguing you for too long.


Once a solution has been identified, we craft an action plan that will support you with specific, attainable benchmarks.


After implementation, we reflect on the process and identify successes and areas for improvement.

what does coaching look like?

My 1:1 Coaching Container is a 3-month minimum commitment.

Over the years, I have discovered that 3 months is the perfect amount of time to

  1. See actual results and,

  2. Create habits that will last beyond our time together.


That's why my coaching container is a 3-month commitment.

I take your goals seriously -- I want to support you in realizing them.

Here's what you can expect from this container:

  • 90-minute On-boarding and Off-boarding Call

  • Bi-Weekly, 45-minute accountability calls

  • Monday-Friday text support through a private Slack Channel

  • Access to my vast library of business templates and spreadsheets 

  • Highly qualified service provider referrals

  • A Natal Birth Chart reading (on-boarding) and Transit Reading (off-boarding) to help you structure your business with the support of the cosmos

  • Free and/or discounted access to Masterclasses while enrolled in this container 


"more than just business coaching"

When one of my clients told me this on a call, it sent my heart aflutter. It's exactly how I want you to feel when you decide to that we should work together.

Simply put, in the time that we spend together we're going to make whatever we do "you-centric". By understanding your Energetics Profile through the lens of Astrology, Ayurveda and Human Design, we'll uncover your superpowers and use them to your advantage.

Leo Rising? You're a born leader, starseed. Let's put that to work so you leave your clients feeling confident and inspired by your energy.

Kapha primary dosha? You're the nurturing, loyal presence that your clients have been looking for. Let's play that up so your business feels like a safe place to land.

Taurus Moon? You're the stabilizer; especially when shit hits the fan. Your services should feel like the steady hand your clients are so often seeking.


my promise to you...

What you need to understand about me is that I am ready to go if you are.


As a Generator, I work best when I have something to respond to. Your goals, dreams and ambitions are the fuel I need to make our time together successful and life-changing.

I promise that, during our time working together, I will be fully committed to supporting your dreams, goals and ambitions. I will do this by:

  • holding you accountable to achieving strategic deadlines each week,

  • giving you to tools and techniques you need to accomplish these action items,

  • and cheering you on when you need extra support to reach the finish line.

Zodiac Chart_edited.jpg

hear from past clients

Zodiac Chart_edited.jpg

Lauren M.
Graphic Designer

Having something for Meaghan to react to each week moved the conversation forward and now I have a mountain of great material and resources at my disposal!

Merritt-Corporate Headshot 2019.jpeg

Merritt T.
Integrative Health Coach

Meaghan was so easy to work with and she knocked out the projects we did together quickly and efficiently. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated her help and assistance!

A252B376-C55D-45E2-8FC3-4B6D96996039 - Club Jetlag 360.jpeg

Shannon H.
Travel Consultant

I was able to walk away from each coaching session with valuable information and immediate action steps. Meaghan, you are awesome and I am forever grateful!

Looking for results at a more affordable cost?

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