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business coaching & energetics education


You deserve to own a business that allows you to put your life first. Isn't that the whole reason you started it in the first place?

Start today 👇

As an Intuitive Coach, my speciality is helping visionary women (just like you!) take the next big steps in life and business.


Through the power of your unique Astrological and Ayurvedic blueprint — and with the support of ancient holistic modalities — we identify what makes you "you" and how your innate strengths can be leveraged to ensure your business can weather all the ups and downs. 🌟


Hi,  i'm  Meaghan!

I'm a former public school teacher who once grappled with debilitating self-doubt and what I thought was an extremely limited career path.


Then, in 2017, my first astrology reading ignited my journey of self-discovery, enabling me to embrace my wounds and rewrite my narrative.

I know what it's like to feel like you don't have any options — to feel like you're stuck doing something that sucks your soul out every single day. That's why I started my business. And that's why I'm committed to helping you create a business (and life!) that serves YOU; not the other way around.


swipe my weekly routine!

In this free guide and Notion Template, I'm giving the exact strategies I used to align my workday with the cosmos and a template to create your own routine!

ready to achieve life-altering results?

With the support of a coach (hi, that's me!), you can take immediate, meaningful action that will lead you in the direction you want to go.

1:1 Business

to help you bridge the gap between the personal and professional.


the venusian

a group for women in the spiritual and creative spaces who desire a slower, more intentional pace.

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1:1 Energetics

astrology readings for self- confidence, compassion and insight.


🤍 client love 🤍



"My experience with Meaghan was so positive and insightful, and she made me feel very comfortable throughout the entire [Astrology] reading. It was very apparent how passionate she was about the topics and it was as if she were unlocking lots of little secrets about you that you could take out into the world to utilize!"



"Meaghan is a wonderful, calming and knowledgeable business energetics coach. The Stellar Strategy Session has given me an intentional approach to planning out my business goals for the next year. Meaghan took the time to explain everything so I could understand and answered my questions throughout the session. This is goal setting at a whole other level! I highly recommend these sessions!"

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