Business Coaching + Consulting

for healers + creatives

Whether you're looking for someone to teach you HOW to start and scale a business or someone to hold you accountable to complete the projects you have already ... you've come to the right place!

My background in education and the development of emotional intelligence has uniquely equipped me to work with people in all stages of business, and to do so in a way that is customized to your unique abilities and needs.

I don't know anything about marketing


3-Month Coaching

Long-Term Coaching for New Entrepreneurs

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Personalized business coaching tailored to the needs of your business.

The 3-month coaching package is perfect for new business owners who have little to no experience with marketing and sales and would like to learn the basics in order to jumpstart their business.


I use a 3-goal framework to help you communicate with your customers and build intentional marketing + sales strategies by combining modern marketing techniques, a master's degree in education, and the wisdom of ancient modalities like Astrology + Ayurveda.


I provide a targeted and intentional experience that allows you to convert your clients with care, because I believe that growing a business can and should be mindful.

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I have ideas, but haven't implemented anything yet

Coaching + Consulting Intensives

Short-Term Coaching + Consulting for Entrepreneurs at Any Stage!

Intensive coaching is just like the name implies -- short and in-depth! Customizable to your needs, clients have chosen these packages in the past:

90-minute Strategy Call + 30 days of Slack Support

Bring your business goal to this call where we'll work hand-in-hand to develop a strategy from start-to-finish. After our call, I'll set you up with a private Slack channel. For 30 days, you'll have text access to me for additional questions and/or support.


Have a larger project that needs the eyes + touch of a professional? Buy-my-day packages are available in 4- or 8-hour increments for larger marketing or sales projects that require the work of an expert.

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I have a good thing going, but need support in order to scale

Monthly Consulting Retainer

Long-Term Business Coaching for Mid-Level Entrepreneurs

So, you've already got your basic strategies and offers built and your business is in motion -- but you're feeling stuck. Is this you?


  1. You have a million ideas but you have trouble executing any of them and would like some accountability to start making things happen.

  2. You need someone to help you organize + automate your existing efforts so you can free up time to for a new offer or revenue stream.

  3. You've reached the limits of your expertise and you need someone to give you a little more insight.

Whatever you're struggling with, let's work together to build strategies and procedures that feel approachable, repeatable, and easeful.


Monthly Consulting requires a sustained commitment to the growth of your business. Together, we can skyrocket your success and help you get unstuck. Consider me your newest team member!

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Love from past clients

I was able to walk away from each coaching session with valuable information and immediate action steps.


~ Shannon Hardy

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3-month coaching

1:1 Intensives

monthly consulting

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Don't know anything about marketing

Have ideas, but haven't implemented anything yet

Have a good thing going, but need support in order to scale