Let's work together! 

If this is you...

You know that digital marketing is important, but up to this point everything you've done has been ad-hoc. You're ready to get clear and develop a strategy that can grow with you as your business matures.

You've got brilliant ideas for how to market your business and you're ready to make a lasting impact. But self-doubt and imposter syndrome seems to be holding you back from taking any sort of action.

You know what you want to say but need help clarifying your message and discovering which digital platform will make the most impact.

You need a cheerleader -- someone to keep you accountable and help you set goals so you actually get stuff done!

“The creative marketing templates have completely reframed my business’ marketing strategy. Without a jumping-off point, I often felt disorganized when it came to my own marketing plans, but with Meaghan’s help, I was able to systemize every aspect of my content marketing strategy – especially my email campaigns!” - Samantha

If you're looking for someone to help you build a marketing strategy for your business...

I'm your personal

fan girl!

Looking for someone to give you a personal pep talk and keep you accountable for your marketing goals? You found her.

Let's start bringing all those ideas to life. Step-by-step, until *BOOM * you're ready to market your business with ease and confidence.

I promise, it can be done. Let me show you how.


"The Hub + Spoke spreadsheets are such a brilliant way to organize content that builds on one another!" - Andrea

Digital Marketing

Whether you want to develop your own strategy and create your own content, or hire someone to walk you through each step, I'm here to meet all your marketing needs. 

Choose from four paths, below:

The Marketing Template Bundle 

A comprehensive bundle of templates, worksheets, guides, and how-tos to help you market your small business.

The 30-Day Marketing Audit

30 days of personalized marketing coaching tailored to the needs of your business.

Professional Copywriting Services

Professional, done-for-you copywriting services for established businesses looking to take their digital presence to the next level.


"I love the Welcome Email Sequence. People will love this because the work is done for them. I think people perceive email marketing as a lot of work and this shows them they can do it!" - Alley

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