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marketing coaching + consulting

Tell me if this is you...

You have so much creative energy, but you need structure and systems in order to make your marketing efforts easier and more manageable.

You're struggling to grow your audience because you've been taught piecemeal marketing strategies that may or may not actually work for your business.

You feel awkward reaching out to people you don't have a relationship with yet, but you've hit a plateau in your business, and you need to grow your client base.

"I was able to walk away from each coaching session with valuable information and immediate action steps." -- Shannon H.

let's get started...


Whether you're looking for someone to teach you HOW to market your business, or you're looking for someone to hold you accountable to complete the projects you have already ... you've come to the right place!

My background in education and the development of emotional intelligence has uniquely equipped me to work with people in all stages of business, and to do so in a way that is customized to your unique abilities and needs.

Choose from two paths, below:

Marketing Coaching for New Entrepreneurs

Personalized marketing and business development coaching tailored to the needs of your business. 


I use a 3-goal framework to help you communicate with your customers and build intentional marketing + sales strategies by combining modern marketing techniques, a master's degree in education, and the wisdom of ancient modalities like Astrology + Ayurveda.


I provide a targeted and intentional experience that allows you to convert your clients with care, because I believe that marketing + sales can be mindful.

Coaching packages are perfect for new business owners who have little to no experience with marketing and sales and need support to get going!

Marketing Systems + Operations Consulting

So, you've already got your marketing strategies built and your business is in motion -- but you're still feeling stuck.


Perhaps you have a million ideas but you have trouble executing any of them and would like some accountability.

Or, maybe, you need someone to help you organize + automate your existing efforts so you can free up time to continue growing your business.

Or, you've reached the limits of your expertise and you need someone to give you a little more insight.

Whatever you're struggling with, I can help. Consider me your new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)!

"I love how Meaghan listened to my business needs and style. I have a very unique approach and she was able to help me incorporate my voice and identify exactly what I couldn't put in words." -- Ana M.

If you're looking for someone to help you build an intentional marketing or sales strategy for your business...

you've found me!

When I left my teaching career to enter corporate marketing, I started freelancing as a marketing consultant in my free time. I quickly began to notice that small businesses were scared and stuck when it came to marketing their business — there wasn’t a solution that helped them feel confident AND encouraged them to work at their own pace.


There were service providers creating done-for-you solutions and there were corporate strategies that felt unattainable and unappealing, but there wasn’t anyone teaching small businesses how to convert new opportunities to customers with care and intention.

As a marketing professional, a masters-educated teacher, and a certified yoga + mindfulness instructor, I knew I had the unique opportunity to create something different.


I started Meaghan Dunham Creative to help small businesses and solopreneurs build mindful marketing systems + strategies that set them up for long-term success.


No more one-and-done spreadsheets or workshops -- I'm in the game to help you develop supportive systems + replicable strategies that you can use to grow your business far beyond the time we spend together.


My services provide a targeted and intentional experience that helps you find the right clients and customers while remaining true to yourself and your business ethics, because I believe that marketing can be mindful.


“The creative marketing templates have completely reframed my business’ marketing strategy. Without a jumping-off point, I often felt disorganized when it came to my own marketing plans, but with Meaghan’s help, I was able to systemize every aspect of my content marketing strategy – especially my email campaigns!”

-- Samantha R.