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 The Marketing Template Bundle 

A comprehensive, all-inclusive bundle of worksheets, templates, guides, and strategy plans to market your business effectively and efficiently!

Let's face it, marketing can be hard.

But it doesn't have to be. With the Marketing Template Bundle, you can start building emails, creating a following on social media, and designing an easy-to-maintain blog on your website. It's all there for you in bite-size, easy-to-use worksheets, fill-in-the-blank templates, and planning tools. 

"The Hub + Spoke spreadsheets are such a brilliant way to organize content that builds on one another!" - Andrea

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Marketing Template Background.png

What's inside...

The Welcome Email Template

The Blog "Brain Dump" Worksheet

The Eventbrite Checklist

Blog Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Worksheet

The Website Wireframe

The Ideal Client Profile Worksheet

The Email Content Formula

The Social Media Content Mega Worksheet

The Email Tools Comparison Chart

The Hub + Spoke Worksheet

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"I love the Welcome Email Sequence.  I think people will love this because the work is done for them. I think people perceive email marketing as a lot of work and this shows them they can do it!" - Alley

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