marketing coaching 

1-on-1 coaching for early-stage entrepreneurs to develop marketing + sales strategies and systems, personalized to the needs of your business.

I know you're ready to stop talking about how you don't know the first thing about how to market your business. No one teaches business owners that they don't have to implement marketing strategies that don't feel right to them. Just a bunch of cookie-cutter courses and inaccessible programs that make marketing feel scary, difficult, and unapproachable.

No more.
If you're ready to take some serious action, I'm here to support you. My approach to marketing and sales makes sure you feel empowered, clear-minded, and focused. My goal is to teach you everything you need to know to be successful well beyond our time together.

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Shannon, Owner of Club Jet-Lag

"Meaghan helped me accomplish an email series, adjust my Instagram bio, and master my elevator pitch. I was able to walk away from each session with valuable information and immediate action steps. Meaghan is awesome and I am forever grateful!"

who is marketing coaching for?

Marketing Coaching is perfect for new entrepreneurs who have little to no experience with marketing and sales and are looking to learn the ropes. If you can't yet afford to hire a team member to focus on marketing, coaching can provide you with the tools you need to fill in the gap in the meantime.

3-month coaching framework

My 3-step framework keeps the most important part of marketing and sales front-of-mind: communication.

1. Building the Foundations

Every new business needs certain foundational knowledge and systems in order to operate successfully. In general, this is what we'll accomplish in Month One.

2. Attraction + Visibility

Once the basics are established, it's important to learn how to generate new customers, create captivating content, and manage your digital channels (social media, website, email, etc). In general, that's what we'll accomplish in Month Two.

3. Retention + Standardization

Now that you're reaching potential new clients and customers, you've got to create a process to close the sale and nurture continued relationships. In general, that's what we'll accomplish in Month Three.

Consulting not what you're looking for?

intensive coaching framework

Intensive coaching is just like the name implies -- short and in-depth!

1. 90-minute strategy call

Bring your marketing or sales goal to this call where we'll work hand-in-hand to develop a strategy from start-to-finish. You'll walk away from this call ready to get started and leave frustration in the dust!

2. Slack Support

After our call, I'll set you up with a private Slack channel. For 30 days, you'll have text access to me for additional questions and/or support.

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the business of the healing arts 

Creating a Stellar Brand as a Wellness Professional

June 13-27, 2022

So, you've completed your wellness training... now what?​

Most wellness professionals graduate with the intention of teaching or practicing right away, but did you know there are things you can do before or after you complete your studies to set you up for success -- both spiritually and practically?

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