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uncover your unique blueprint

What makes you, you?

Statistically, the placement of the cosmos at the exact time and place of your birth will not occur again for another 2500 years.


In essence, you are one in a million.

No one on Earth  has the capacity to bring to life what you can. Your unique abilities are wanted -- no, needed -- in this lifetime and only you can bring them  into existence.

You are so much more powerful than you know. And, when you learn the language of the stars above you and the Earth around you, that power becomes visible.

As above, so below. As within, so without.


what are you made of? 💫

Everything  in the world around you can be categorized  into three different energies:

The energy of ideation,

the energy of implementation, and

the energy of integration.

Each of us  is made up of all three of these energies, in varying degrees, which can be mapped to ancient modalities like Astrology and Ayurveda to give us a clearer picture of who we are.




The Energetics Mastermind


The Energetics Mastermind  is a 3-month group program that teaches you about the 3 Universal Energies:

  • Ideation

  • Implementation

  • Integration

Each month, we'll focus on a different energy to help you better understand  how to leverage  it  in your life and business pursuits.

More information is coming soon!

Interested in working with me instead?

Visit the "Let's Work Together" page to learn about my one-on-one Energetic and Business Coaching options.

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_JWP7695 - Rachel Waugh.jpg

Rachel W.

I love Meaghan's strengths-based approach and the thoughtful and intentional way she went about each interpretation and its explanation. I loved getting a report and my birth chart so I can reference it in the future.

1I2A2029 - Luan Jardine.jpg

Luan J.

You'll get the validation that you didn't know you needed. You'll better understand your own patterns and be able to mindfully progress yourself forward instead of holding yourself back unknowingly.

Marisa Mohi - headshot2020 - Marisa Mohi.png

Marisa M.

I love how clear and easy Meaghan made the concepts. She's great at explaining and gives great examples to help you really understand what the different planets, signs, and houses mean.

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