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The energetics mastermind

A 12-Week Journey Through Astrology, Ayurveda, and Yoga Philosophy

Coming Fall 2023


Imagine this: You've started your business and you're in the groove. You're working with the right clients, doing what you love, and making a decent living.


But something's still not lining up.

  • Your trying to balance boundaries and expectations while continuing to grow your business (and team).

  • You're confident in what you're offering, but damn can the online business space feel like an echo chamber sometimes.

  • You're overwhelmed when you look at your calendar, wondering  how you're going to get  it all done.


While most traditional Business Masterminds teach you practical skills you need to run a business, very few focus on the most  important part of entrepreneurship.

Now imagine a different kind of business mastermind...

One that turns the focus INWARD and asks the question:

"Where do I fit in as my business continues to grow?"

Over 12 weeks, You'll discover...

  • How to build resilience through the Yogic concept of Brahmacharya

  • The most ease-filled ways to show up for your community based on your Astrology Chart

  • How to build a sustainable daily routine according to your Ayurvedic Dosha


... and A LOT more!


What will i receive?

A comprehensive course platform with lessons, workbooks, videos, and discussions

Monthly Live Workshops on Astrology, Ayurveda and Yoga Philosophy

Special discounts and early-bird pricing for any future Masterclasses (and a new offer I'll be sharing exclusively with Masterclass attendees!)

Who is this Mastermind for?

Visionary women looking to find more ease  in their current workday

Entrepreneurs with an  interest in learning  how to incorporate holistic strategies  into their business


Intuitive  healers, teachers, mentors, and creators


Pay in Full: $2400

Payment Plan: Required $400 deposit

1st Month $400, 2nd and 3rd Month $800


Hi, I'm Meaghan!

I use she/her pronouns and currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina (Catawba and Sugaree Land).

My spiritual teaching journey began in 2017, when I received my very first astrology birth chart reading.


My mind began to put pieces together than had previously never made sense; I finally felt like I was learning why I was wired the way I was. This reading opened my mind to the possibilities of the Universe for the first time and I began asking deep questions.

In 2018, I began studying Western Astrology -- which lead to a deep desire to formalize my spiritual training.


In 2019, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training with Victoria Martinez of Chakra Flow University. After an intense 8 weeks of study, my entire life was turned upside-down.

My goal, as an intuitive business coach, is to hold a mirror up to each of my clients and allow them to see themselves for who they really are: a capable, strong, intelligent, and badass human.


This Mastermind  is for you

if you're ready to join a group of like-hearted women seeking a better understand of themselves in pursuit of a better, more balanced way to do business.


Starting later this Summer

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