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1:1 Intensive Case Study

Shannon, Owner of Club Jet-Lag

When Shannon and I first started working together,

she expressed frustration with not being able to sell consistently through email marketing and social media. I could tell that she was ready to take some immediate action in order to grow her travel business. The first thing we focused on was developing a clear strategy around her email campaigns.


Shannon and I walked through the steps of building a sales email campaign and spent most of our first two sessions talking about how to develop a campaign with consistency that would draw in a potential customer. We were thrilled with the results and Shannon was able to take immediate action to implement the changes we discussed.


We then pivoted to social media, where we talked about the importance of a long-term, consistent strategy on social media. We clarified Shannon's Instagram bio so that she could begin attracted her ideal client, and helped her refine her elevator pitch so that, when leads did come in, she was immediately able to express who she is, what she does, and why it would benefit them.


By the end of our time together, Shannon had clarity, purpose, and a long-term vision for how her business can continue to grow!

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We created a clear "I {help}..." statement for Shannon's business Instagram profile.

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Shannon, Owner of Club Jet-Lag

"Meaghan helped me accomplish an email series, adjust my Instagram bio, and master my elevator pitch. I was able to walk away from each session with valuable information and immediate action steps. Meaghan you are awesome and I am forever grateful."

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