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Align Your Workday with the Cosmos is now heading to your inbox. As an added bonus, I think you'll be  interested  in my upcoming Masterclass: Building Your Perfect Workday.

Everything you'll learn  in Align Your Workday will be expanded upon 10x over in this live, online workshop (recording available  if you can't make it live). One part learning session, one part co-working; you'll leave feeling more empowered than ever to build a workday that feels more in flow and less forced.

I'm offering this Masterclass to you for only $27. With an estimated value of over $300 - that's a  huge savings. Learn more and save your spot TODAY.


Building Your Perfect Workday

A Masterclass that teaches you  how to leverage your own Astrology Chart and Ayurvedic constitution to structure your workdays with more confidence, ease and excitement.


Tuesday, May 23 | 6-7:30pm EDT

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