long-term marketing coaching 

1-on-1 coaching for marketing + sales strategies and systems, personalized to the needs of your business.

You need accountability when you own a business.

I know you're ready to stop talking about all the marketing + sales strategies you're going to implement and actually do the dang thing.
1:1 Marketing Coaching is calling your name! We'll use all of the strategies, spreadsheets, and systems I've implemented in my own business to help you feel more confident and clear about your business, both behind the scenes and in front of new and existing clients + customers. Let's build a solid foundation for your business that will help you grow for years to come!
If you're ready to take some serious action, I'm here to support you.

marketing coaching 3-step framework

My 3-step framework keeps the most important part of marketing and sales front-of-mind: communication.

1. Building the Foundations

Every new business needs certain foundational knowledge and systems in order to operate successfully. In general, this is what we'll accomplish in Month One.

2. Attraction + Visibility

Once the basics are established, it's important to learn how to generate new customers, create captivating content, and manage your digital channels (social media, website, email, etc). In general, that's what we'll accomplish in Month Two.

3. Retention + Standardization

Now that you're reaching potential new clients and customers, you've got to create a process to close the sale and nurture continued relationships. In general, that's what we'll accomplish in Month Three.

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Shannon, Owner of Club Jet-Lag

"Meaghan helped me accomplish an email series, adjust my Instagram bio, and master my elevator pitch. I was able to walk away from each session with valuable information and immediate action steps. Meaghan is awesome and I am forever grateful!"

other coaching options

You have specific requirements and you want to get it all done in the most efficient way possible, I get it! Take a look at my coaching packages below and find the option that meets your needs.

Conjure Creative Co Branding_R2_Conjure-

1:1 intensive

​What you get:

  • One 90-minute strategy session to highlight your goals and develop a plan of action to achieve them.

  • Private Slack channel for 30 days of additional support.

  • Marketing and Mindfulness Action Strategies to implement immediately after our call.


Are you interested in 1:1 Marketing Coaching?